How to share files with your partner?

Images, videos, audio recordings and documents (max. size 10 MB!) can be shared directly between consultation participants in the video view (in Patients in the browser’s view).

The file transfer from doctor to patient or from patient to doctor takes place in the same way.

  • In the video view, click on the so-called Navigation menu (three short horizontal lines).
  • Select the Send file menu item.
  • Select the file to be sent.
  • A notification appears in the video view informing the recipient about the file transfer. Select Allow.
  • From here on, the transfer runs in the background and can take up to a few minutes (depending on the connection quality).
  • After successful transfer, the recipient will receive another notification, which he/she must confirm with Download.

  • Patients can save received files directly on their private PC or smartphone.
  • In TeleDoc, received files appear in the File Overview panel and are attached to the report or export.